Press Releases

  • New Offers Page: See all deals available on Wall of Coins' entire network!

    At the navigation area of Wall of Coins, you will notice that there is an "OFFERS" link where the "API" section was located. Navigate to this area to see all marketplace offers available in the entire system! This is an easy way to discover coins for under market price and to see large liquidity providers at a glance.

  • Affiliate program aimed at rewarding crypto traders and circumnavigating the Facebook and Google ban on crypto ads

    This highly attractive program is especially rewarding for sellers on Wall of Coins who can now monetize their cryptocurrency by participating. Ryan Taylor, CEO of the Dash Core Group, explains, “This functionality will create new opportunities for sellers to take a proactive role to attract buyers, while simultaneously bringing new users to the market. Ultimately, the increased activity will lead to a more vibrant and liquid market, which benefits everyone. It also creates new means for the Dash community to benefit from helping Wall of Coins grow.” ...
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  • Announcing Bitcoin Cash Integration

    “Our sole purpose is to make buying and selling cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as easy and securely as possible; we've eliminated any non-vital steps without compromising our users financial security and right to privacy.” The Wall of Coins team of talented professionals is working closely with BCH and is eager to assist customers acquire and sell BCH. ...
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As Mentioned In...

  • I wish I had known about Wall of Coins [before LocalBitcoins] so I could have recommended it instead. Wall of Coins has a graphical interface even a grandmother would love.

    - Amanda B. Johnson

  • [Wall of Coins] provides a peer-to-peer experience similar to what LocalBitcoins offers, only with a more streamlined experience to significantly cut down on time spent buying. Dash has been on an impressive rise in price and market cap recently, nearly tripling value this year alone [since Wall of Coins announced integrating Dash].

  • Last year Wall of Coins was part of a treasury proposal to integrate Dash into its platform, including InstantSend functionality, to offer potentially the world’s fastest crypto buying experience. Since then Genito has been an irrepressible Dash fan, and has switched to using it as his main digital cash.

    - Joël Valenzuela

  • Being able to cash out your coins without waiting on an ACH transfer is actually kind of a big deal. Competitors that do use the ACH transfer system....generally require sellers to wait around 2-4 business days. These delays make bitcoin fairly illiquid...