General Questions

No. We will remain a cash-based system in order to protect our sellers.
At the bottom right of the browser window is a live chat button. This will connect you with a support team member. You may also call our toll-free number (866) 841-2646 (COIN).
We do not accept donations; however, you are always welcome to send Bitcoin to our gifting platform. Another way you can show your support is to talk about us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and to use our service to securely buy, sell, and gift Bitcoin!
We are always looking for talented individuals inspired by Bitcoin and all other crypto-currencies. Go ahead and use our live chat to inquire with our support team about where you can send a resume. Thank you!


We only use your location information to find the banking branch nearest you. Nothing more than that. Optionally, you can also block us from discovering your location and provide us with your zip code. Zip code is also optional. If you do not grant us access to your browsers location or input your zip code, Wall of Coins will ask you which bank you prefer. Give it a try!
At the moment, $5 is the minimal worth of Bitcoin you can buy.
The deposit must be made with the bank teller and cannot be done through an ATM. In most cases, this is done inside the bank's establishment.
After you make the deposit, make sure you reply back to our system's text message with the proper code to flag your deposit as finished. This will expedite our process. Once you do that, we will wait for the seller to confirm that they received your cash deposit. Sellers are graded on their response time, and we prioritize showing you the sellers who respond the quickest. There are many factors involved, but to say it simply, the typical time you will receive your Bitcoin is within 5-15 minutes after the seller verifies the deposit.
It is possible that your web browser is reporting the incorrect location. Try this: at the beginning of the buying process, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a 'Cancel Location' or 'Reset Location' button. Click this button, and Wall of Coins will later ask you to input your own zip code. If inputting your zip code still does not give you results of the bank nearest you, go back and do not input a zip code--leave the 'Zip Code' field blank. From there, you can select your preferred banking branch.
No. This is for the security of all users.
First we verify the cash deposit. Then we release the coins by sending them to your wallet address. Once the coins are on there way to you, you will receive a text message alert that the coins are on their way.


Good news: there are no fees! You will receive every bit of your deposit.
Wall of Coins is a cash-based market. This means that our selling price depends more on the bank branch locations and availability, rather than depending on local or foreign trading markets. There is a general guideline from our observations: if you need cash quickly, adjust your advertised rate to be slightly lower than the market price. If you are not in a hurry, set your rate equal to, or slightly above, some market's price.
YES. We are adding markets all the time so that your price can dynamically follow the price of other markets.
Never. The only fee you ever pay is the network transaction fee, which everyone pays. We send the proper fee for your transaction to have the highest priority.
Yes! Even though the purchase minimum is $5, our "Best Value" algorithm may ask buyers to deposit an amount smaller than $5 into your account.
No, our system was engineered to allow the buyer to purchase any amount of coins they want.
Not yet, but we are working on getting this feature for more advanced sellers! :)

Developers / Technical

Yes, we have an API, as well as a simplified, copy-paste web widget. More information is here:
We worked hard on this problem, and we planned accordingly. Our internal processes support the ability to run entirely on 100% cold storage quickly and massively. This is our secret sauce!

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