Wall of Coins

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A peer-to-peer market for buying and selling decentralized, Digital Currencies.

Send your cash to Bitcoin markets instantly!

Wall of Coins directly connects buyers and sellers in a manner that is intelligent, trustworthy, and secure. We are also the first fully transparent market, and the first to store funds entirely in cold storage.

Buy Coins

Wall of Coins exists to make acquiring Bitcoin as easy as possible! You tell us how much you're looking to spend, and we get you the most Bitcoin for your buck. All you need is cash - no bank account required. Don't have a Bitcoin wallet? Call us toll free and we will help: 866-841-COIN

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Sell Coins

Want to sell $500, or even $2,000, in Bitcoin now? All you need is a bank account, and we will effortlessly connect your Bitcoin with serious, eager buyers and networks dedicated to liquidating your bitcoin. Wall of Coins gets you cash available for immediate withdrawal!

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Looking to take advantage of Bitcoin market arbitrage? We get funds instantly to any Bitcoin market. When you buy Bitcoin through our Buying Wizard, set your Bitcoin Address to the market's deposit address. Once your order is complete, coins are sent instantly to the market.

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